Great communicators are made – not born.

Learn how to speak with clarity and confidence so you can influence successful outcomes in your personal and professional life. 



Great communicators are made – not born.

Learn how to speak with clarity and confidence so you can influence successful outcomes in your personal and professional life.

Not knowing how to communicate effectively is holding you back.


Maybe you...


Interacting with others should not be this stressful.

You just need to develop key communication skills to become more confident, raise your level of influence and start negotiating effectively for what you want.

That's why I created the

Become a Great Communicator Online Program

This is a step-by-step online training that will teach you exactly how to speak and present yourself.

The Become a Great Communicator Program

$47.00 USD


Become a Great Communicator teaches proven methods that PROs use to positively impact every social interaction and can, quite literally, change the course of your life.


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What You Will Learn


  • How to make a lasting impression on others so they’ll always remember your name
  • How to naturally command attention when you speak so that others will listen
  • Know what words to use and what questions to ask in any situation so you'll never find yourself without something to say
  • How to effectively sell your ideas & persuade others toward your desired outcome 
  • How to have enjoyable conversations that flow with ease instead of those socially awkward conversations 

The course also includes:

  • 3 hours of video training that you can watch at your own pace
  • An accompanying course workbook to help you further develop your communication skills
  • Actionable exercises to help you practice these strategies in everyday social interactions

What Our Students Are Saying... 

“Shawn has been a vital element to my development and success. His capacity to story-tell lends to his talent of explaining complex concepts in a compelling, digestible manner that can capture a diverse audience. Shawn has an energy and excitement about him that naturally draws an eager following.”


Brittany Ulrich

"Shawn brings a "real talk" mentality into his training that resounds with people and allows almost anyone to feel as if they can get great results with his methods. I'm looking forward to continuing having great results with these new skills and anticipate gaining more skills from the future courses.”


Martanda Everson

“Shawn helped me gain confidence as a new leader by highlighting what I was already doing well while also showing me ways to improve. By sharing best practices, asking the right questions, and challenging me to see a situation from a new perspective, he helped me to become the kind of leader I always wanted to be.”

Nicole Stanford

Shawn Channell

I know what it's like to watch others make friends easily and make things happen for themselves because they know what to say. I wasn't blessed with people skills or an outgoing, charming personality. In fact, I grew up shy, introverted, and socially awkward.

You don't need to struggle like I did. And you don't need to waste years watching others find success that you CAN have.

I’ve spent over a decade teaching and training hundreds of sales professionals and leaders on how to communicate effectively and close deals. I saw many of them not only transform their professional lives but also their personal lives. This is why I've spent months putting together this course for you, so you can take real strategies that the pros use and implement them into your daily life.

As your communication coach, I promise to give you practical methods that you can start using TODAY - first within your comfort zone and then starting to push yourself beyond that - so that you can show up to every single interaction feeling confident and secure.

Investing in your development means investing in yourself and your future. Let me help you develop those communication skills that you can take with you anywhere to positively transform your personal, social and professional life. 


Start Seeing Immediate Results In Your Professional & Personal Relationships.

The Become a Great Communicator Program

$47.00 USD
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